Niek Hendrix has been working on an innovative oeuvre in a menacing pace, constantly seeking images that should be understood to understand ourselves. His distinctive style of photographic black and white paintings and bold colour interpretations of 17th century Dutch paintings, are shown in thoughtful constellations that challenge the viewer.
Hendrix is exhibited at prestigious places as the Royal Palace Amsterdam, Dordrechts Museum, Amsterdams Museum and exhibited in Basel, New York, Moscow and San Francisco.

Hendrix considers existing images, iconic or not, as an open-source. He activates them by repeating them and by placing them in a different context. This appropriation is not to make an exact copy but to create a different image of it. He paints them with a different brushstroke, a different paint, colours are let go off, appearing in shades of black and white, and also the dimensions are different from the originals. He places them in front of works from different times or adds a work of his own hands. In unexpected constellations he puts the viewer to the test: they must not only look again but also give meaning again.